The War of Brothers

An androsphinx of prophetic power named Khubsheth, who was a disciple of Choranus and the consort of Meraph, discerned the corruption of the Sphinx Queen. He saw the Naga Council to be innocent of the crime for which the war had been waged, and revealed the truth to Meraph and her wrathful armies on the eve of the nagas’ destruction. When the sphinxes halted their attack, Meraph, stunned by the magnitude of her mother’s treachery and the genocide Meraph herself had begun, fled in grief. Khubsheth pursued his beloved and asked her to return with him and confront the Queen.  Yet Ankharet’s loyal subjects were many, and sphinx turned against sphinx in a great civil war known as the War of Brothers. Years of bloody conflict ensued, ending at last when Meraph and her followers were victorious.

Ankharet’s defenders were routed and the Queen herself captured. During the conflict, however, the servitor races had found their freedom and the sphinxes’ many enemies had advanced on the weakening empire. The surviving sphinxes from both sides, thousands strong, disappeared from the Lostlands almost overnight, a mythic event that modern historians cannot explain. The few sphinxes that remained chose solitary existence over the united civilization they once ruled.

Meraph, Khubsheth, and their few remaining allies were left standing with their shackled Queen. Divinely protected from her own kin, Ankharet the Cursed could not be slain. Khubsheth, granted divine foresight, determined that those destined to slay Ankharet would not be born until thousands of years later. Until that day, he knew, the Queen would have to be bound. And so the Tomb of the Sphinx Queen was built, the last monument to a once great empire and a prison for its traitorous Queen.

Meraph insisted upon interring herself within the tomb to await the prophesized heroes and the death of her mother. Khubsheth, granted immortality for his vigilance, would wait through the passage of centuries for that fated time.

The Khonsurian Empire itself was no more, brought low by its own beloved Queen.