the Ranosh, Prince of Undeath

Ages ago, the Soulgrave was nothing more than a high mountain valley where druids of yore brought their fallen heroes. The greatest of the dead were given sky burials: The bodies were cut up by initiates, and offered to the enormous black vultures that make their home in the nearby peaks. When the powers of the druids waned, the site was adopted by regents who built tombs and catacombs for their royal families.

Slowly, the valley was transformed into a vast necropolis, with each new ruling family adding to the city of the dead. A mighty wall and great iron gate were erected. Everflaming braziers were placed atop empty towers, and the mountain trails were widened into  uniform roads.

After dusk, the graves crack their musty shells and the dead walk the city. Whether or not the risen corpses are tormented undead or something else altogether is a question best left to theologians, for the creatures surely have a hunger for the living. Legends tell of Ranosh, a vampire who speaks for the undead citizens of Soulgrave.

Accounts paint Ranosh as neither evil nor good, but simply devoted to Soulgrave as hallowed ground, and he is perfectly willing to kill the living to inspire respect for the city of the dead.