Iron Manacle Slave Logs

Recent Slaves sold to Kaernga the Orc.

Male Slave, Hugin, Human, (Might be trouble) 50gp BT

Female Slave, Sapphira Silverhue, Elf, Spell Caster (Take precautions) 50gp VERY CUTE BUT MOUTHY! BT

Female Slave, Katanya Glimer, Gnome (Sister to GEM CUTTER) Spell Caster XXX WARNING!!! 50gp BT

Male Slave, Findle Glimer, Gnome (GEM CUTTER) XXX Charge Extra 100gp BT

23 Female Slaves, Common Human, Little resistance, Most are willing to do favors for special treatment. 230 gp

33 Male Slaves, Common Human, Little Resistance, Will make good workers in the mines. 330 gp.

Note to self…

Orcs seem to be acting differently, seem to be influenced by others deeper under the castle.  Demanding more slaves to be sold to something called the Bleak Theatre.  Wants capable combat trained slaves.  I worry we are not trained well enough to handle this task, have spoken with Melchin about this.

Worried that recent surges of activity will draw suspicion to us.  Especially with the amount of slaves we must abduct for the orcs, now on a ever growing bases.

Ankiel plans on removing the town drunk by force soon.

Ankiel would like to capture "Brie" the bard at the Inn of The Slumbering Drake for personal use.

Need better equipment for our cover.

Melchin keeps wanting to meet the orcs, I don’t know why.

Orc numbers are increasing rapidly.  A rift in the tribe is imminent.

Fear that we will soon be taken as slaves if we are not careful.  Orcs threats are increasing.  Need to hire more men.

A new threat has entered the castle grounds by force and are holding up in the old spire.

Found a new passage under the spire that these intruders have discovered.

Plan to smoke them out, they will make good additions to our next delivery.