The Ruin Knights

Asecretive cult of warrior-priests dedicated to Zühn and the fell god’s plot to bringing about the End of Days, the Ruin Knights and their agents are universally hated and feared throughout the North. While making their home in the Scourge city of Ibinfang, the agents of Ruin are far from beholden to Tarkhan Khurzog. Secreted within their stronghold of scorched stone and iron, the disciples labor to create an army of fell creatures that give the order its name. The purpose of the Ruin Knights, and the place they play in the cult’s planned apocalypse is unclear, for few have survived first-hand encounters with them.

Abroad, agents of Ruin seek out ever more powerful magics to outfit their forces and feed their dweomer forges. They have been known to lurk at the entrances of dungeons and caverns, ambushing weakened heroes laden with treasure. Similarly, agents have been found aiding tribes of giants, ogres, and orcs, arming them with foul artifacts and orchestrating their battles against the civilized lands. Assassination attempts on regents are also not uncommon, although in order to disguise their true agenda, agents of Ruin often masquerade as servants of an enemy nation.

Cells of the cult are suspected to work in large cities throughout the North; however, few give credence to this speculation. Given the cult’s limited appeal, it is hard to imagine even the wickedest of villains supporting the cult’s apocalyptic goals. Most sources allege the master of the Ruin Knights to be Uskgol the Destroyer, a half-orc assassin-priest sworn to the service of Zühn. While agents of Ruin can appear anywhere, and under any number of guises, most cult leaders have training as warrior-priests of Zühn.