Largeir's Day Off

While this journal does not start at the begining of our campaign for adventure.  I Largeir a halfling Druid, began to keep a record of my time off between the long training period that us Druid's have to endure at different stages of our growth.Below is my record.

Entry Date -
Oathday the 15th of Abadius
High above Cillamar soared an eagle. Unlike the other avian city dwellers who took flight for travel or escape, this bird flew almost whimsically. As if flying were pleasurable or a game.

Below sunlight reflected off a small pool of water in the fountain of what seemed to be a temple. Suddenly realizing how parching flying can be, the eagle tilted a wing and began a spiraling descent. With a sudden flurry of startled finches and sparrows, the eagle gracefully landed on the rim of the fountain.

"Oy..! Shoo from there you filthy creature," came a shrill call. Perplexed, the eagle looked up to see a young, hooded girl, no older than the eagle's true form, rushing over, pausing to pick up a fallen branch which she began swinging in a clumsy, wide arc. "Shoo!!"

With nothing better to do and irritated by this girl's lack of respect for nature, the eagle leaped from the fountain's rim to the ground and began to change. Largeir Jimethorn, a halfling druid, stood before the startled temple maiden.

"I... I, um... Please.... um... I didn't realize...," sputtered the girl.

"You didn't realize what?" asked the halfling. "That you were denying a road-weary traveler a much needed drink." This wasn't the complete truth; Largeir and his companions had been in town for more than a ten day with plenty of time for rest, but she didn't know that.

"I'm sorry..." she began again, but this time was interrupted by another voice.

"Is there something I can I help you with, Sister?" asked another temple maiden.

"No Lady Talbusk, I was just..." began the girl, clearly alarmed .

"She was just welcoming me, and most graciously I might add, to your impressive temple mi Lady," said Largeir. Embarrassing the girl was one thing, but he didn't want to cause her trouble. "I am Druid Largeir Jimethorn...," said Largeir and quickly adding, "an adventurer...  I was just taking a break to reflect on my experiences and resupply."

Looking at the younger temple maiden, Lady Talbusk said, "You're excused, Sister, please return to your duties." To Largeir, the Lady said, "Druid Jimethorn, I am Lady Ilrien Talbusk, Holy Knight-Protector of the Order of the Helmless Vigil. If you would come with me, I will see that you are properly welcomed to the Temple of Justicia and ensure your thirst quenched and appetite sated. In return, I ask that you regal me with tales of your adventures as life at the Temple can be dull and my own duties keep me fairly busy."

"I am no bard," began Largeir, "but I would be happy to share my tale with mi Lady. I suppose I should start at the beginning..." And so began the tale of Largeir's adventures, in which he made sure to emphasize his fearless willingness to run head first into any dangerous situation, while leaving out certain details of near misses and companions last-minute rescues.

He told of the missing Genths and his decision to join the adventuring companions.

Of Castle Whiterock, at which point Lady Talbusk became grim,  and bloodhawks and orc slavers.

The tale of missing children and a magical crystal (although Largeir left out any details of the mysterious crystal shard he now carried).

He spun the tale of how his village had been destroyed by rat creatures and recent adventures in which he almost single-handedly defeated a monstrous, crab creature and played a major role in defeating a resurrected cloud giant.

Many hours had passed by the time he finished.

"... and now we find ourselves here in Cillamar. From here I believe we will be completing a special request for my cleric friend."

"That's quiet an adventure, Druid Jimethorn. Thank you," said Lady Talbusk.

"No, mi Lady, thank you for your hospitality and company," replied the halfling, grasping the hand of the Lady and kissing it.

"Ah!! You have the hands of a healer."

"Yes, it's a trick I learned recently."

"Then for your marvelous storytelling, let me impart a bit of knowledge," said the Lady. At this point her hand, still in Largeir's grasp, began to glow with a constant white light, "We are both healers, you and I. It's our duty to ensure the health and well-being of anyone who might need it. But sometimes it means destroying those things that are unholy and unnatural." At which point the light changed from white to silver. 

The white light had filled Largeir with feelings of contentment brought by justice served and a sense of mercy from a supreme authority. It was a feeling of balance. Then suddenly the feelings changed. The feelings of justice became feelings of righteous vengeance and the sense of mercy became a sense of final judgement. But this was also balance.

Largeir looked at his free hand to see that it glowed with a fluid, blue light. This is how Largeir's druid, healing magic manifested itself. The fluid light represented the soothing warmth of hot springs that could mend torn and tired bodies and the invigorating rush from a frigid lake that chased away all tiredness.

Then the light changed colors as it had with Lady Talbusk. It became the shifting, yellow light of a dawning sun. Looking at his glowing hand, Largeir realized this was the power that unnatural and undead things feared. This was the power that made vampires seek the safety of coffins and ghouls find a dark place to hide.

Largeir's touch could now hurt the undead creatures druids and all holy people despised.

Largeir looked at Lady Talbusk and could only mutter, "Thank you..." Her only response was a smile.

Without another word Largeir turned away but before he could make the change from halfling to eagle, he was stopped by a gentle touch on his shoulder. "I have one favor to ask of you and your companions," said Lady Talbusk.

"Anything, mi Lady," replied Largeir.

"Before you leave on your next quest, would you please bring as many of your companions to speak with me as possible?"

"You have my word that I'll try." And with that, an eagle sprang into the air headed in the direction of the Slumbering Drake.

From the ground, Lady Talbusk watched the eagle fade from sight and wondered if these adventurers could help her. Or if she was sending a brave halfling and his friends to their deaths.