Knights of the Lance

Clad in shining suits of plate and chain mail, sword and shield at their side, their colorful pennants flapping from their lances, the stout Knights of the Lance are the very vision of nobility. Most are drawn from the ranks of aristocracy, but the order is open to any who can achieve its lofty standards, and many of its finest knights were once war orphans or paupers.

Questing far across the land in the name of god and glory, the knights are sworn to the tenets of the Theocracy as well as the service of good. In addition, each knight takes what is known as a silent vow, often either a wrong to be avenged or a principle to defend. A knight’s silent vow is highly personal and questioned only under the direst of circumstances.

A martial sect of the Holy Theocracy, the order of the Lance is composed entirely of paladins and holy warriors.

The order was begun when the legendary general Cuthair the Crimson gave up her titles and ranks, and swore herself to the defense of a humble priest. Since that day, thousands of warriors have answered the call to lives of sacrifice.

With their wide-ranging, far-flung goals, the knights are rarely summoned together. Once every five years, a Grand Assembly is called to order, and knights from across the North flock to Brighthawk Castle. Reports of the state of Áereth are presented before the order’s officers, a month-long tournament is held, and the resulting pageantry is wondrous to behold.

The Knights of the Lance benefit greatly from their ties to the Theocracy. Each knight rides forth with ancestral arms and armor, often the finest ever crafted by legendary smiths of Arvale. Similarly, knights can expect room and board at any castle or manor across the North.

In wicked realms, claiming the Right of Asylum often presages an attempt on the knight’s life, but even the wickedest of sovereigns thinks twice before assassinating a knight in his care.

The Knights of the Lance suffered terrible losses in the Fall of Leherti, but this hasn’t diminished their dedication.

Indeed, it has only increased their fervor, the ranks of order clamoring for permission to return to war. Lady Aernal, commander of the order, keeps a close watch on the Scourge, knowing that the time will come when her knights will again ride against its armies—only this time, she doesn’t intend to lose. Presently more than four thousand knights fly Theocracy pennants, with several thousand more squires and attendants sworn to their service.