Mirias Stormwarden (The King)

Known as the Argent Sovereign, Mirias Stormwarden is the current king of Morrain. Shunning the responsibilities of rulership when he was young, Mirias had explored the breadth of Morrain and adventured well beyond its borders. It was not until he and his companions slew the dragon Zerrestryan that the young prince came to understand Morrain’s true need for heroes—and the need for a strong sovereign. On the rumor that a powerful weapon was buried in the old green dragon’s hoard, Prince Mirias left Stormkeep against the will of his father, who feared an imminent attack against the dragons of the Frosteye Mountains.

He’d promised to find a weapon that could help defend the kingdom. In this he was successful, but it was a pyrrhic victory. Mirias slew Zerrestryan and discovered Toravvem, a silver sword of great power. But he returned from the battle to find his father slain by draconic assassins sent by an insidious red wyrm named Dorvenruthsa (broodmate of Benthosruthsa), who’d sworn long ago to see Morrain razed to the ground. Swearing never again to let his vigilance falter, Mirias accepted the mantle of king and was soon after named sovereign of Morrain. Though his coronation was a moment of personal grief to him, Mirias was beloved by his people and the occasion was a joyous event to the populace at large. Only he blames himself for his father’s early demise.

Mirias is a tall warrior still in his prime and with many years ahead of him, but a near-death experience with a banshee in the Anseur Forest has turned his chestnutcolor hair snowy white. His rule is one of diplomacy and counsel, but he knows his kingdom is small and can still fall to invasion. The majority of his forces have been delegated to patrolling the borders of Morrain, while he keeps the Argent Knights close at hand. Wherever he goes, he wears a suit of +3 elven chain and his greatsword Toravvem. Gifted to his father by the queen of Anseur is the crown of Morrain, which Mirias has inherited. It is a customized helm of brilliance set with diamonds and black opals.

Mirias is followed at all times by Greyla, a ghostly wolfhound that was his childhood pet and animal companion. Although she was killed in the battle against Zerrestryan, Greyla’s spirit returned to him soon after as a spectral being. Most of the time she is undetectable to all but Mirias himself, but whenever her master is threatened, she exhibits the abilities of a mage’s faithful hound.