The Reign Of Dragons

From the moment they entered the world, the dragons were lords, and at their head were placed the immortal Dragon Kings. Cast in the likeness of the gods themselves and infused with draconic might, they were paragons of virtue who ruled over the dragons and their great empires. Embodying the elements of fire, lightning, cold, and acid, each was affiliated with a direction of the world itself.

In addition to their roles as rulers, the Dragon Kings served as mediators between the gods and mortals, delivering divine will to Áereth. Under their wisdom, the dragons’ dominion flourished during a time of peace and discovery. Many beautiful things were wrought and many magics woven. Mountainous cities were constructed like vast aeries and sprawling temples were raised in swamplands, fertile steppes, and secret valleys. There was no soil on the surface of Áereth that had not felt the talons of a dragon walk upon it.

As the eons passed, the gods began to look to their newer creations, and the influence of the Dragon Kings over their own vassals waned. Sensing their own fading power, they erected the Vault of the Dragon Kings deep within the Frosteye Mountains. It became a haven for dragons who wished to hold onto the glory and virtues that their empire once held dear. Within lay the Pool of Dreams, a reliquary that cared for the souls of dragons that passed from the mortal world. The Pool would preserve the collective knowledge and memories of the dragons until the gods favored the world’s firstborn again.

In the creation of the Pool of Dreams, the Dragon Kings of the East and West sacrificed their power and succumbed to death. Unforeseen by the remaining two, this tumultuous event divided dragonkind as never before, for now dragons had witnessed the frailty of their lieges.

Some retained their loyalty to the remaining Kings, while others claimed that a new era had begun and sought to grab the power for themselves. From this ideological rift, their magic became manifest. With the march of time, each faction evolved into the variances of metallic and chromatic. Abandoning the Kings and the gods they served, the rebellious chromatic faction began to lose their luster, their scales dulling to the matte hues of the color spectrum.

When the transformation was nearly completed, a great red wyrm named Sevrylascarethiin—or Sunscratch in the Common tongue—rose to prominence. Together with his brethren, he waged war against the remaining Dragon Kings and their followers and personally struck down the King of the South at its outset. The King of the North in turn slew Sunscratch but himself fell gravely wounded in the struggle.

With the death of their champion, the chromatic dragons fled the ancestral valleys, while the remaining Dragon King retreated into the Vault and barred its doors. The metallic dragons disbanded, disillusioned by their loss, and left their homeland as well. As the centuries passed, the Vault was lost and its memory passed from common knowledge into legend.