Dark Crystal Of The Sih'hel

The ominous crystal that governs the degenerate sih'hel is a thing of mystery and strange powers. It had no name before it came to be worshipped by the Silverheel gnomes, and even sages would be hard put to ascribe a purpose to the crystal's plots. And yet it does seem to exert a form of alien intelligence upon the warped sih'hel, directing them toward some sinister, unfathomable end.

In addition to directing the sih'hel priestess through prophetic dreams, the crystal also exhibits the following powers:
Any dwarf, drow, or gnome coming within 20 feet of the crystal must are subject to the effects of a charm person spell.  While an affected PC will not attack his friends, he will certainly defend the crystal and the crystal's servants from attacks.  Characters succeeding on the save are immune to the crystal's mind-altering effects for 24 hours.

Corpses placed before the crystal are stripped of all flesh and meat by glowing purple beetles that crack their way free of the earth at the base of the crystal. If left undisturbed, the corpses rise as skeletons after 24 hours, as per the animate dead spell.

The crystal must ultimately be destroyed at some time once the PC's are strong enough to get rid of it.