Company of the Black Osprey

For a short time, a party of mighty adventurers called the Company of the Black Osprey laid claim to Castle Whiterock. Within that brief span, they left an indelible mark on the ruins, changing or even adding entire levels as they saw fit. For the most part, they are long gone, but their stamp is everywhere.

Pelltar: A male human 16th-level conjurer/3rd-level archmage. Pelltar specialized in teleportation and summoning magic, and erected the strange obelisks that can be found in the countryside surrounding Castle Whiterock.

Nimboltin (“Nim”) Softstep: A male halfling 17th-level rogue. Nim was a master trapmaker and an impish sort, who delighted in antagonizing the stuffy Pelltar.

Lythe Abysstalker: Lythe was a female aasimar 18th-level cleric dedicated to Justicia, the goddess of justice. As befitting her surname, Lythe had a penchant for hunting down fiends and other outsiders. Her unforgiving, relentless nature led to a fracture with the rest of the Company.

Vallisneria Forestfriend: A half-elf 18th-level druid who eventually became a cleric of Ildavir. Keenly interested in the creation of the world.

General Koborth: A male human 19th-level fighter and leader of the Company. Koborth was mighty in battle and uncommonly faithful to his companions. When he was made a general, he helped clear out the Northlands for human habitation and brought civilization to the wild.