Characters In Waiting

The NPC's listed below can be taken over and become full characters at anytime if a player so chooses.
Brianna Berland (“Brie”), 6th Level Half-Elf Bard4 / Ranger2
NPC - Not Available To Be A Player Character Until 6th Level

Brianna is a red-headed attractive half-elf with green eyes and a freckled, tanned complexion. She wears a gaily colored pants-and-blouse combo, with high leather riding boots. Her teak lute with gold inlayed runes is also in her hands while at the inn.

She often spends her nights entertaining the crowd with song or poetry, enhanced with minor spells, and then quickly spends her money on food, drink, clothes, and trinkets.

Although she appears to be a flippant charlatan, the truth couldn’t be further. Brie is actually a member of a secret society called the Sorority of the Swan, dedicated to defending nature and abolishing slavery. She travels the region, gathering information for her sisterhood. She is close friends with Lady Chauntessa, and she often uses her time to work the crowd for information.

She is currently in a strong if somewhat troubled relationship with her lover Sapphira Silverhue.

Glokta - 5th Level Human Beguiler
Born the 2nd of Neth, 998 (24 Years Old)

Glokta is a very determined individual that has a very unique skill set, or more correctly he has a very wide array of skills he has little mastery over. This combined with a need to be secretive about his powers, makes him reserved around people unfamiliar to him.

He is often mistaken for a Sorcerer and he makes sure he does nothing to make people doubt that assumption. Once he makes friends he can open up, but he still prefers to perform a support role instead of a lead.

He has a weakness for the fairer sex, and for the most part believes that unless a woman proves herself otherwise she should be treated like a lady. If the opportunity arises he can even be chivalrous.

As far as religion goes, he has been disappointed by putting too much faith in mortals in the past, so he'd rather not set himself up for devastation on an immortal scale.

Glokta left the small village of Dundraville with little more than the clothing on his back, after learning all he could from his master. He felt that he couldn't achieve his goals back there in his master's shadow, so he set out to make his own way. He spent many a night dreaming of adventures he read about in his master's study, so he decided to start there, in the ruins of Castle Whiterock.

He chose Castle Whiterock because as the legend runs in his family, Peltar his great great great great great great grandfather was Peltar, one of the fabled members of the company of the Black Osprey adventuring company that once cleared out Castle Whiterock centuries ago.

He hopes to find a little bit of his old ancestors magical knowledge in the castle ruins. Somewhere, wherever they may be.  He has done some valid research on this topic with the help of his now ex-master.

This is what they learned:

Pelltar: A male human 16th-level conjurer/3rd-level archmage. Pelltar specialized in teleportation and summoning magic, and erected the strange obelisks that can be found in the countryside surrounding Castle Whiterock.  It is rumored that he perished in the castle ruins while preparing a burial chamber for himself.  It is also rumored that he had something to do with the strange magical properties of the castle and why some summoning spells in the area do not seem to function correctly.