Characters In Play

The current characters listed below make up the active roster of our brave adventuring company of heroes.
Cendrine Kinnet - Human 4th Level Fighter / 1st Level Paladin
Played By Marci
Born the 3rd of Kuthona, 998 (23 Years Old)

This Gung-Ho Warrior is driven by the desire to achieve, to become the greatest warrior around—many of her decisions will be influenced either on the opportunty to improve or to prove (to herself) her existing skills. She is an excitable gal and it doesn't take much to get her charged up. She thinks most things will turn out okay and she tries to see the best in people. She's trustworthy and puts in her fair share of the work. In battle she is daring and a bit reckless—the greater the challenge, the more excited she gets. She is personable, charming, and altruistic, although her sense of humor is crude. She likes to talk and is a pretty open book—she generally wants to discuss swordplay, stories about famous or mythological warriors, and her long-time interest in birds. Although she wants to be a great warrior, she isn't particularly creative and wants to fit into established cultural norms; she is uncomfortable with rebellious or irreverent types. She really likes men and has a strong sex drive; however, she is also modest and a bit shy around them. When she does approach a man, she tends to be romantic; she generally looks for straightforward relations and is intimidated by unusual requests and sexually forward men. She has a casual relationship with her family religious traditions, and will talk about her beliefs as long as she doesn't think anyone will be offended; she is tolerant of other beliefs and has no interest in converting others. People around her will notice that she tends to whistle when hiking or when otherwise calmly engaged with something; when not whistling, she sings softly to himself, often out of key. She refuses to eat birds and will become upset whenever anyone tries to kill one. This warrior likes to drink (which is when her crude humor really comes out), watch birds, and enjoys carving small things out of wood which she often gives away to friends or romantic interests.

Dwbryn Goodforge - 5th Level Dwarf Cleric of Daenthar
Played By Amy K
Born the 19th of Kuthona, 971 (50 Years Old)

Her Father is a Priest of Daenthar. Her Family was friends with Darsus's family. When our group first arrived in Arvale City she ran into Darsus. She is there because she was one of the guards for a group of Gnomish Clerics of Podoron who had traveled to Arvale City. Darsus had told her that our group had been sent to investigate the Tomb of Arden Brightheart and also told her of some of the groups adventures at Castle Whiterock. Upon hearing of Darsus death she decides to join the group to help avenge Darsus and help clear the Tomb of evil.

She is 50 years old (dwarfs live about 250- 300 years so she is young for a dwarf) Brown hair. Brown eyes. Wears her hair in two braids with a few beads and a small shell braided in, that was given to her by her distant cousin, a sea cliff dwarf. She is tall for a female dwarf, 4'1 and weighs 95 lbs.

Euphrosyne - 5th Level Elf Wizard
Played By Damon
Born the 23rd of Sarenith, 894 (128 Years Old)

Both of his parents died after he reached maturity. He idolized his father but disliked his mother because of her fear of magic and the arcane, while his father dabled in and accepted magic as part of nature.  He is an only child. His family is an old, established one and he has never lived anywhere else as far as anyone can remember except among his own kind deep within the Sylvan Woods. Well, truthfully, the family was never liked by any of the old elven families and they were merely accepted. Now that his parents are gone he has felt alone and no longer at home in the Sylvan Woods. He has made a few enemies while learnig the magic ways that his father taught him. He has a small group (about five people) who consider him an enemy who use(s) divine magic against him. You see Euphrosyne was never suppose to learn magic. The elders choose who gets to learn and he wasn't amongnst them. Another reason that his family was shunned by the rest of the clan. Luckily, though, he also has a single important friend (One on the Elders Council) who can help him do scholarly research into ancient lore when needed.

He witnessed a terrible magical accident (The reason for his parents deaths). This taught him respect for arcane and divine powers. He is extra careful when using any of his magic and refuses to use it for mundane purposes.

Hugin - 5th Level Human Fighter
Played By Josh
Born the 3rd of Erastus, 997 (25 Years Old)

Hugin grew up in the war torn badlands and like his father before him he has been a caravan guard between the badlands of the war torn barrens and Cillamar since he was around 15 years old.  His mother and father have been deceased since he was 19 having been killed in a meaningless skirmish between two warlords.

A few weeks ago Hugin was escorting a Caravan to Cillamar when the caravan was over run by slavers who by sheer number managed to take him prisoner and took him to the ruins of Castle Whiterock.  After trying to escape multiple times he was quickly sold to the orcs below where they had fun torturing him with long reach weapons while he was kept in the slave pits.

He was near death when the adventuring party found him and released him and the other slaves.  He was very grateful.  Offering to escort the slaves down the mountain to the druidic community of Fairweather while the adventuring party continued to route the orcs.

After getting the slaves down the mountain to Fairweather he had his wounds tended and magically healed by the druidic tree creature Thistle and had a good nights sleep.  The first in weeks as well as getting his belly full of something besides slop.

When he awoke he quickly stowed his gear and headed back up the mountain toward Castle Whiterock.  The adventuring party was going to need his sword if they were going to route the orcs and besides he had a debt to repay and since he had no coin then his sword arm was all he had to offer.

Largeir Jimethorn - 5th Level Halfling Druid
Played By Zack
Born the 1st of Abadius, 998 (24 Years Old)

Largeir was raised in the small druidic community of Fairweather, A small settlement consisting of druidic farmers, hunters and gatherer type families. The community population consists of around 300 to 400 people at any given time.  You come from the Jimethorn family of halflings which some conceive as being minor royalty, in the Halfling world at least.  Your family owns a small dwelling in Fairweather. You come from a long line of Jimethorn Halflings, your family ancestors was once considered property of the Mountain King in the Ul Dominor mountains. While your family lineage was tortured and enslaved by the evil mountain king and were treated as property and had little to no free will. That was until two generations ago when your great great-great-great-grandfather risked life and limb to free the Jimthorn's from their captivity by making a bargain with the Evil Mountain King himself.

He sold his eternal soul and that of all his family save for one daughter that would be freed.  The Mountain King accepted this offer and released the female Halfling child.  The rest of the family was never heard from again.  However the escaped child has built quite a lineage since then to what the Jimethorn's name is in today's world.

Growing up in Fairweather you learned the craft of the druids and eagerly learned about nature and the connection that your kind has to it.  While being meek and soft spoken you do not tolerate things that damage nature or the balance of natural things.  You view arcane magic as completely against everything you stand for and don't usually make friends with arcane spell casters easily if at all.  However you get along well with others of your kind and also other Divine magic classes such as Clerics.

Although you respect the druids and clerics that have chosen to use their divine gifts in the way of healing you have chosen a path to become one with nature and strive to keep a balance, you learned to shape-shift at a young age, younger than most druids and have a natural affinity to being in animal form more than your own.

You grew up with your pet dog Brauch which you have trained into your animal companion and riding dog.  You usually ride on his back wherever you go when not in animal form, however he is not trained for combat purposes and you will always dismount before going into battle and keep him at a safe distance away from harm.

A group of adventurers headed for Castle Whiterock left the druidic community just this morning after leaving there pack mules and supplies in Fairweather to be borded.  This is the first time any adventuring party on the yearly quest from Cillamar has ever stopped in Fairweather on their way to the castle, this has intrigued you very much since you were dear friends with the Genth family that was abducted just a week ago from the community during the wee hours one morning.  Reptilian tracks leading toward the mountain was all that was found of them the next morning.

A few hours after they left the community you gathered your supplies and now ride up the mountain with your trust animal companion Braunch after them.  If they have a chance to save the Genth family from whatever took them then they are going to need your help.

Muzgash Bloodaxe - 3rd Level Half Orc Barbarian
Played By Mike

Little is known of the half orc except he was kin to Sheliak and showed up at the time of his death seeking revenge upon those who slew his kin.


Petra - 5th Level Human Monk of the Order of the Dawning Sun
Played By Amy J
Born the 7th of Calistril, 1001 (21 Years Old)

Petra was sent by her order to witness the events of the trial, to get the information of what has transpired firsthand. Helping maintain her order's good name is her mission. If all is well she can return back to the monastery. She does although have permission to follow whatever course she decides to pursue. She knows little of her true parentage, only what she was told by the kindly captain that sent her away to a cold monastery, for her 'own good'.

All she knew of her parents is that her father was a noble and her mother died in childbirth on a ship. The captain took pity on her and raised her as his own, As she grew, being the only girl on the ship, she felt she had to prove herself and she developed quite a temper. The captain decided in her best interest that she needed discipline he could not provide. To remind her of him, her gave her a pan flute that he had gotten on his many adventures.

He left her at the Order of the Dawning Sun, a little girl, alone in the world with only the stories of a kindly captain to occupy her thoughts. She spent her nights at the monastery, playing her pan flute and remembering the captain and her time on the sea. When she wasn't training, trying to find a balance within herself, and practicing the ways of the Order she would play her pan flute.

Her elders have told her what they know of Whiterock, to prepare her for her journey. What she has learned, has made her wonder what other truth there was to the captain's tales. For instance, was her father truly a noble?

Petra bears impressive dragon scrollwork red tattoos across both of her upper outer thighs and forearms, which she usually leaves bare.  She picked up the artwork while on the ship and loves to show it off whenever she can.

Battle Scars
Scar across forehead from a nasty cut from a Psedo-Lich named Dread Watcher.

Fenris (aka "The Wolf") - 4th Level Human Scout
Played By Wayne
Born the 5th of Pharast, 1002 (20 Years Old)

Fenris was sent from Brighthawk Castle at Lady Arenal's personal request, he was to determine the morality of the "Talons", long before they took up that name. The wizard Glokta was employing men-at-arms to guard their goods and horses while they plumbed the depths of Whiterock Castle. In short time he showed that he wasn't your run-of-the-mill hireling, Glokta promoted him the acting commander of the "Talon Guard". After assuring Arenal that they did in fact to be a force for good or least not an evil force. She requested that he stay with them, because she thought she might have a task for them later on down the road.

When Glokta mentioned him filling in for the wizard in his absence, he was hesitant at first, but quickly warmed to the idea after the mage explained himself. "This group needs someone that can do what the others cannot, unfortunately I too am incapable of doing them on my own and the only recourse I see will cost me their trust, you are my best option." the spellcaster told him.

He might have found a place where he can do the most good. Fenris had been many things in his lifetime, orphan, soldier, bounty hunter, and spy. With any luck he may yet wear one more label... that of comrade.