Deceased Characters

The brave souls of those listed below have passed on in their time of service to the adventuring party.
Darsus - 4th Level Human Cleric of Daenthar
Played By Amy K

Darsus was a man driven by the desire to help the world. He had seen much suffering and had a somewhat bleak view of the world, but he coped with this by doing everything he could to make things better. He was not easily perturbed and was highly controlled—he was very deliberate and focused. Likewise, he was averse to fighting and would only do so to protect life or for some obvious greater good. Even when an enemy was injured, he would be motivated to apply healing or help, as long as doing so would not be a danger. He was very open-minded and tolerant of others and, despite his sadness, he was very empathic and caring towards nearly everyone. His social demeanor was courteous, modest, and generous; however, he was reluctant to talk about himself. He considered himself to be traditional and could be distressed by rebellious attitudes.

He didn't have much of a sense of humor, but neither was he a scold; he would smile politely at a joke. He had a low sexual drive usually, but even when interested he would act modestly. He believed in monogamy and disapproved of infidelity and promiscuousness. Although his spiritual path was inclusive and welcoming of others, he himself was a highly orthodox adherent. He would occasionally discuss his beliefs and was willing to attempt gentle conversions.

In casual conversation he would tend towards talking about other people, relationships, and current events. People around him would notice that he would daydream a good deal, suffered from insomnia on occasion, and had an annoying habit of grooming others. He loved to dance, but only when he thought he was alone. Reading poety was also a favorite pastime, as was the game of darts, which he learned from his father.

Darsus was slain at the hands of a psedo-lich named Dread Watcher at the Shrine of Arden Brightheart just outside the small town of Blessings-be inside the boundries of The Theocracy of the Lance.  Being overcome relatively quickly his companions were unable to save him at the time.  His companions later returned and slew Dread Watcher and recovered his body from the crypt.
Sheliak - 3rd Level Half Orc Ranger
Played By Mike

This Half Orc Ranger was none too pleasant. His core motivation in life was the acquisition of wealth, perhaps because he was a generally anxious person and the idea of having wealth was comforting. In all, he was an even-tempered fellow with a bleak and cynical view of the world. He was not too trustworthy in the beginning and will exploit people and situations if profit was available (although he didn't necessarily gain pleasure from such exploitation; it was usually just a means to an end). This seemed to slowly changed once he joined the merry group of adventurers.  He began to put others first.  Some say this lead to his end, but he also saved another in his final few moments of existance.

He was generally adaptable to changing situations and didn't hold allegiences or promises too tightly outside of his adventuring group. He was self-absorbed, greedy, and suspicious of others and had a cold bearing-he was quickly defensive and critical. Socially, he tended to keep to himself and was evasive or deceitful about personal information. When he did talk, it was uaually about money or complaining about something; when he thought there was potential gain, he would engage in hamfisted flattery. Although he often resented people who were socially or financially successful, he was too anxious to act openly outside the boundaries of acceptable behavior; his transgressions were covert.

His sense of humor was dry, subtle, and under-the-radar. He had a healthy libido and could be flirtatious and seductive when he felt confident; however, his lack of sincerity tended to put women off. When he did get lucky, his hidden atypicality came out and he enjoyed unusual and kinky experiences. This was not limited to sex-he frequently saught out strange and countercultural groups and situations, as long as his anonymity and safety was assured.