The Musings of Lady Cendrine

While this journal does not start at the begining of our campaign for adventure.  I Lady Cendrine, a human Paladin of Honorus, began to keep a record of my time after converting to a Paladin of Honorus. Below is my record.

Entry Date -
Sunday the 11th of Gozran
Still reeling from the events at the tomb and the loss of Darsus, our party, now calling ourselves the Talons, returned to Cillamar. As the others disperse, I sit in the Inn of the Slumbering Drake with a heavy heart, nearly drowning in my shame. When we first left the tomb, I told myself that Darsus would survive.

That we would rescue him. 

That he wouldn’t want us to sacrifice ourselves to save him.

But, of course, this was not true. We abandoned a comrade to an evil creature, an undead monster.  All out of cowardice, pure and simple.  And now—now, Darsus is gone, gone forever.

I vow that this will not happen again, this cannot happen again. But… will that ever be enough for forgiveness? How can I be forgiven for such an act? Do the Gods know even show mercy or will I always be trying to atone for this one, horrible act?

Darsus would tell me that the greater good is more important than his life. Oh, how I will miss him and our discussions. He was always trying to sway me towards the greater good, trying to get me to temper my need for rules and justice. He of course had no respect for the law, or for order, at least not at first. I think perhaps, as he had begun to sway me towards good, I had begun to sway him towards believing in the rightness of laws.

My musings are interrupted by the appearance of the guards with a blinded and deafened Hugin.  Is this the beginning of our punishment?

We talk to the shopkeeper near where the guards found Hugin and discover that Hugin has stolen and sold family heirlooms from the tomb of Arden Brightheart! How could he? How, on top of the dishonor we had already displayed in that tomb, could he compound it by stealing from the dead? Is he that desperate for money, is Glockta pressuring him for his money back?  Has one dishonorable act, abandoning Darsus, made the entire party go mad? I must pay closer attention to my comrades in the future, I must ensure that they are also making honorable decisions and choosing to do what is right. This is as much my fault as Hugin’s, I should have known, I should have realized what was going on, what he had planned to do.

We return the jewelry to its resting place in the tomb. But, Honorus does not lift his curse from Hugin. Am I right, are Gods incapable of forgiveness?

In desperation, I pledge myself to Honorus. If only he will show mercy;  I will swear to honor him, to uphold the law, to strive for the greater good, and to destroy evil, all in his name—if he will forgive Hugin, forgive us, forgive me.

Hugin’s senses returned!

Gods are capable of forgiveness, for Honorus heard my pledge and granted us mercy. Awed at Honorus’ goodness, his mercy, I doubly vow to uphold my pledge.  Perhaps this is enough, this is what I need to do to atone for Darsus’ death.

I will never know if I was beginning to convince Darsus of the rightness of laws, but apparently he sensed the effect he had on my convictions. The man I abandoned to his death, willed me a powerful artifact gifted to him during our trials in Castle Whiterock.  The powerful ring Aquil’yia, which can only be worn by those that appreciate and respect both the Law AND the greater Good. Yes—yes, there is forgiveness and mercy, as well as justice and law. I can and will uphold all of these from this day forth, to honor my God and the memory of a dearly valued companion!

--And thus Cendrine, became Lawful Good, forever forth to be known as Lady Cendrine, a Paladin of Honorus