Academy of Ars Ollamh

The Academy of Ars Ollamh ("Hall of WOrms"") in Cillamar offers the following services.

One Days Research For Up To 4 Subject Topics:
Up to four topics per day can be researched.  Depending on the subjects we can not guarantee that we will get to all subjects in one day.
100 Gold Pieces.

Decipher/Decode/Translate Normal Documents Or Manuscripts With Different Languages Or Dialect:
50 Gold Pieces Per  Book Or Manuscript.

Decipher/Decode/Translate Magical Or Devine Manuscripts:
50 Gold Pieces + 50 Gold Pieces Per Spell/Magic Level.
(50gp paid upfront, remainder to be paid after translation)

Transfer Spells From Scroll Or Spellbook To A Personal Spellbook:
100 Gold Pieces + 50 Gold Pieces Per Spell/Level  Per Spell.
(This does not include deciphering the spell. See decipher above.)

Scribe Scrolls:
The base price of a scroll is its spell level its caster level 25 gp + supply any components needed. 
(We do not supply components but we can help locate rare components for a reasonable fee.)

Identify Magical Item:
We can determine all magic properties of a single magic item, including how to activate those functions (if appropriate), and how many charges are left (if any).
100 Gold Pieces + 50 Gold Pieces Per Item/Level.
(50gp paid upfront, remainder to be paid after identification)

Identify Potions:
We can only identify potions we have information on.
25 Gold Pieces For Standard Common Potions.