White Talon Orcs

These orcs are a faction split from the White Roc tribe, and like their cousins they have a faint measure of cloud giant heritage. Kaernga, their leader, led the insurrection that founded this splinter tribe, but was only able to battle Drugila to a standstill.

The White Talon orcs operate a blue quartz mining operation using slaves bartered from the Iron Manacle. Some of these slaves, the strongest, are funneled to the Bleak Theater, a holding of the duergar Thane Hrolad Vejik.

Kaernga is kept charmed by agents of the duergar, keeping him content to manage the mine and act as middleman in the slave deals, but the duergar plan to cut him out of the equation permanently soon.

Update: This band of Orcs are deceased due to the actions of the adventuring party.