Albrecht Skullshank

Albrecht Skullshank, a human summoner of unspeakable evil, lies imprisoned in a sheath of crystal, deep within the bowels of a long-abandoned mine.  Or so say the legends.  No one knows where this mine is and its whereabouts where hidden from the world.

Skullshank was defeated in battle over twenty years ago by a brave band of heroes and encased in the crystal for what they hoped would be eternity. As the years have worn on, memories of Skullshank's evil have faded in the minds of everyone involved in that epic battle - except the summoner's faithful minions.

Celestial events are now taking shape, and the world is on the brink of a grand astral conjunction. The stars and planets will soon be in alignment to empower the most potent dark sorceries the world has seen in millennia.

With this in mind, Skullshank's minions are feverishly scouring the land for the items needed to build his grandest invention - the Oculum Infernae.

Albrecht Skullshank was working on the Oculum Infernae when he was attacked. He saved what he could from his precious device, scattering the core components to various laboratories and holdings under his or an allies control.

The final plans for completing the Oculum Infernae lie encased in the crystal with Skullshank.  To protect them from falling into anyone else's hands.

Once the items are assembled and Skullshank is freed from his prison, it will only be a matter of time before the Oculum Infernae is complete and an army of demonic warriors is summoned to lay siege to the realms.

But again no one knows where the mines are or the many crystals needed to complete the device.  Or do they?